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This is me

Hey there! I'm Cara. I'm a young professional from North Carolina who is passionate about education, art, and positive social impact projects. I love all things Blue Devils, chocolate, and travel. Check out this website to learn more about me and what I'm working on!

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I love making things happen

I'm a doer at heart. When I got bored the summer before my senior year of high school, I launched my own YouTube channel and built a digital following of 26k, bringing in nearly 3 million views and eventually partnering with HuffPost. When the idea popped into my head a few years ago to write a sci-fi book, I put pen to paper and pumped out over 80,000 words (now whether those words were any good is debatable...).  And when, at 19, I was looking to build a business around my video production skills, I filed for an LLC and created COCO Media, an endeavor that led me to work with 20+ businesses and produce 70+ digital video campaigns.

For me, making things happen - whether it's for myself or for others - is exhilarating. I love jumping into a new project and learning along the way. I love to constantly experiment with the 'make things happen' process, in hopes of making it better, smarter, and faster. I love the challenge of it all, and I hope to find such a challenge in whatever job I take on.

I'm a strong believer in democratizing education through digital media and technology. Currently, I work at one of the top online education companies in the world, Coursera, where I help bring to life courses that reach millions of learners. Outside of work, when I'm not hosting friends for dinner or walking my dog, I am a content creator on TikTok focused on accessible financial education for young women.


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do the work I'm doing every day, not only because I enjoy working alongside the people in this industry, but because Education is power, and nowadays, we are in the position to empower more people than ever before. There's a quote I like that goes, "Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." I want my work to help make progress happen.

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From 2016-2019, I ran my very own video production business, COCO Media. Below are a small sample of my clients and the video work I created for them.

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